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For most updated version of CV (July 2024)

2022 - Present

Postdoctoral scholar

Advisors: Ehsan Khatami

                Richard Scalettar

UC Davis and San Jose State Univ

Davis and San Jose, CA

  • Develop and apply of Quantum Monte Carlo methods to strongly correlated materials.

  • Apply Machine Learning techniques to detect phase transitions in strongly correlated systems..

  • Mentored graduate and undergraduate students in the group. Expected publications in 2023.

2019 - 2022

PhD Researcher

Advisor: Kaden R A Hazzard

Rice University

Houston, TX

  • Pioneered a ​numerical algorithm  using Quantum Monte Carlo to simulate the SU(N) Fermi Hubbard Model.

  • Collaborated  in the development of Exact Diagonalization and Numerical Linked Cluster Expansions to study the SU(N) Fermi Hubbard Model.

  • Contributed to the construction of a Constrained Path Quantum Monte Carlo and Hartree-Fock codes to investigate the SU(N) Fermi Hubbard Model.

  • Developed and maintained data analysis modules written in Python.

  • Mentored graduate and undergraduate students in the group. Expected publications in 2023.

2017 - 2019

MSc. in Physics

Advisor: Randall G Hulet

Rice University

Houston, TX

  • Improved performance of data analysis software by reducing running time by a factor of 10.

  • Assembled optical setup for cooling and trapping of bosonic and fermonic lithium.

  • Automated and refined experimental equipment using Python, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino.

  • Designed and engineered electronic circuits for hardware control and PID stabilization.


Research Assistant

Advisor: Jorge A Seman Harutinian

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

  • Designed and manipulated an ultra-high vacuum system which currently achieves a pressure of 10-12 Torr for experiments with ultracold quantum gases.

  • Built optical setup for cooling and trapping fermonic lithium.


Research Assistant

Advisor: Giacomo Roati

European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS)

Firenze, Italy

  • Built optical setup for studying spin-imbalanced Fermi Gases.


Research Assistant

Advisor: Maria S Cordova Aguilar

Instituto de Ciencias Aplicadas y Tecnología

Mexico City, Mexico

  • Developed a UV sterilizing system for nutritional inyectable solutions.


Research Assistant

Advisor:  Rahmat Rahmat

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Batavia, Illinois

  • Improved HF Flash simulation written in Python. Simulation runs 76% faster than the previous Flash simulation, reducing error by 55% when tested against Test Beam Data.


2019 - 2022

Rice University

PhD in Physics

Worked with Prof. Kaden Hazzard in theoretical and numerical many-body physics. 

Houston, TX

2017 - 2019

Rice University

MSc in Physics

Worked with Prof. Randall Hulet in experimental atomic, optical and molecular physics.

Houston, TX

2011 - 2016

Universidad Nacional

Autónoma de México

B. Sc. in Physics

Worked with Prof. Jorge Semana Harutinian building an ultracold atom experiment.

Class Valedictorian 

Mexico City, Mexico

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships


Steven Weinberg

Research Award

American Physical Society (APS)

Selected by the Texas APS Section based on excellence and potential impact in the relevant scientific community 


IOP Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2021

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Institute of Physics (IOP)

Selected by IOP Publishing’s Editors based on the quality, quantity and timeliness of their reviews


Braslau Family Travel Grant

American Physical Society (APS)

Competitive basis award for early career physicists, to attend APS March or April Meeting


IOP Trusted Reviewer

Institute of Physics (IOP)

Acknowledges a high level of peer review competence, upholding the scientific literature to an excellent standard

  • Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

  • Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics


Robert Lowry Patten Award

Rice University

Honors graduate students for their service and achievements on behalf of graduate students

2017 & 2020

Robert A Welch Foundation

Predoctoral Fellowship

Competitive basis fellowship for PhD studies

Welch Foundation


Eric Umland Memorial Award

Rice University

Recognized the student who has contributed most to the quality of graduate student life in the physics department


Bonner Book Award

Rice University

Given each year to the most outstanding first year graduate students in physics


G King Walters Fellowship

Competitive basis fellowship for PhD studies

Rice University


Leon M Lederman Award

Fundacion Hertel

The recipient of this merit based award participates at the International Physics Program internship at Fermilab

Leadership and activities

2017 - 2022

Physics and Astronomy

Graduate Student Association


Rice University

Houston, TX

  • Graduate program committee student representative: Voice graduate student concerns and ideas regarding how to improve the program (Aug 2021-Present)

  • President: Coordinate and supervise activities, panels, approve budgets (Aug 2020-Aug 2021)

  • PhD proposal writing seminar: Founder and lecturer the seminar (Jun-Aug 2020 & 2021)

  • Journal club coordinator: managed a $2000 annual budget (Sep 2017-Jun 2020)

2019 - Present

Grad STRIVE (Students Transforming Rice into a Violence-Free Environment)

Secretary and Liaison

Rice University

Houston, TX

  • Host events to engage in positive, open dialogue about gender-based inequality and interpersonal violence, as well as providing tools and skills necessary to create cultural change for graduate students

  • Organizer of two major panels in 2020-2021


Fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Maria and the Earthquakes in Mexico


  • Raised $3322.07 that was split among three non-profit organizations

  • Coordinated and scheduled appointments to ensure success of the event

Rice University

Houston, TX

2014 - 2016

OSA-UNAM Student Chapter


  • Organized the IONS (International OSA Network for Students) Mexico City conference in 2015 during the International Year of Light, with an initial budget of $4000

  • Submitted and won a grant from Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACyT) for $25,000 to organize the conference, where more than 100 students participated

  • The chapter participated in five major communication activities each year

Optical Society of America

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Teaching experience

Active since 2015, teaching assistant in different courser in physics and mathematics. Responsibilities included lecturing, grading, and designing exams and homeworks. Breakdown of class levels:


Single Variable Calculus II  --  Math 102  -- Spring 2015

General Physics -- Phys 125 -- Fall 2018, Fall 2019

Honors Mechanics -- Phys 111 -- Spring 2016, Fall 2020, Fall 2021

Honors Electricity and Magnetism -- Phys 112 -- Spring 2020, Spring 2021

Seminar in Physics and Astronomy at Rice and Beyond -- Phys 116 -- Spring 2022


Introduction to Quantum Physics I -- Phys 311 -- Fall 2015, Fall 2016


Introduction to Quantum Physics II -- Phys 312-- Fall 2018


Mathematical Methods -- Phys 516 -- Spring 2017

Quantum Mechanics II -- Phys 522 -- Spring 2019

PhD Proposal Writing Seminar -- Summer 2020, Summer 2021

Quantum Information Science and Technology -- Elec 660 -- Fall 2021 Guest Lecturer

Peer reviewing experience

29 review in total

APS Physical Review Letters

APS PRX Quantum

APS Physical Review A

APS Physical Review B

IOP Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

SciPost Phys

IOP Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Seminars, talks and conferences 

  • Contributed posters and oral presentations at more than 18 local and international conferences, workshops, and summer schools

  • Session chair at APS March Meetings in 202 and 2021

  • Invited talks:

UC Davis, Physics and Astronomy, Davis CA, USA -- November 2021

Universality and magnetism of interacting fermonic systems with SU(N) symmetry

Trinity University, Physics and Astronomy Department, San Antonio TX, USA -- October 2021

Quantum simulation & large spins: Toy models for understanding solids

Rice University, Rice Quantum Group Meeting, Houston TX, USA -- September 2021

Universality and quantum magnetism in the SU(N) symmetric Fermi Hubbard Model

Rice University, Smalley-Curl Institute, Houston TX, USA -- August 2021

Universal thermodynamics of an SU(N) Fermi Hubbard Model

Rice University, Physics and Astronomy Department, Houston TX, USA -- November 2020

Magnetism in the SU(N) Fermi Hubbard Model (virtual)

Physics Institute UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico  -- June 2021

An Introduction to Determinant Quantum Monte Carlo (virtual workshop)

Physics Institute UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico  -- September 2020

Short-range magnetism in the SU(N) symmetric Fermi Hubbard Model (virtual)

Computer and technical skills

Python (Advanced)

PCB design using CAD (Intermediate)

Fortran and Julia (Intermediate)

Vacuum equipment design using CAD (Intermediate)

Mathematica and C++ (Basic)

Basic machine shop skills (lathe and mill)


Spanish (native)

French (intermediate)

English (proficient)

German (basic)

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